5 Breast Care Tips For Well Endowed Women

As funny and ridiculous it may be to some cultures in other parts of the world, in Western cultures, the larger the size of a woman’s bust, the better. Well-shaped and perky breasts are considered a woman’s physical assets. Hence, every woman should learn how to keep her breasts healthy and beautiful-looking.

Here are 5 tips that big-breasted women can use on how to preserve your breasts’ youthful look, shape and texture:

1. Do a thorough examination of your breasts regularly.

Check your breasts in front of a mirror for any abnormalities in appearance. When you are in the shower, raise one arm and gently massage your breasts with the other. Feel your busts for irregular bumps and soreness. Doctors also recommend that you undergo mammograms once a year to ensure that your breasts are healthy. It is also suggested that you do regular breast massages which are believed to be perfect for strengthening and simulating the shape of your busts.

2. Wear the right bra.

Bras are your best weapons against sagging, so wear the right size and type. Some department stores hire bra experts to do fittings and provide consultations, so do your breasts a favor and get fitted for a bra. When buying a bra, don’t just think of how good it will look beneath your new see-through blouse, but also consider the protection and support your breasts need. Large breasts require more protection than smaller ones so choose bras that have strong straps. Also, wear the right type of bra for every activity. If you play sports, exercise or jog, always wear a sports bra. When it comes to strenuous activities, a regular bra will not provide the same support and protection as well as a sports bra. All that unsupported bouncing will increase the possibility of sagging breasts.

3. Maintain your ideal weight.

Your breasts consist of mammary glands and fats so, naturally, the size of your breasts will fluctuate along with your weight. Those infamous miracle diets may cause you to lose pounds of unwanted fat very quickly, but you will also have the tendency to gain them back just as fast. Weight fluctuations make your breasts prone to sagging, so lose weight naturally by exercising and eating a balanced diet. To maintain the shape and perkiness of your breasts, ask your gym instructor to include breast exercises that work on your chest muscles in your health program.

4. Maintain good body posture.

Some large-breasted women tend to slouch, perhaps because of the weight or just to downplay the size of their breasts. Sit or stand up straight anywhere you are. A woman with good posture exudes confidence and sex appeal. Not only will you be showing that you are proud of your beautiful breasts, but you will be elevating it and giving it the right support.

5. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen.

If you are fond of wearing low-cut or plunging necklines, apply moisturizer or sunscreen on your decollete, especially during the day when this delicate area gets exposed to the sun. Remember that your breasts are highly sensitive so, to maintain their youthful look and texture, make sure that you choose sunscreen or moisturizer with mild ingredients and formulated for sensitive skin.