5 Quick Tips To Help Seduce Women


Confidence is vital and you need to make sure you have plenty of it. If you have a confidence problem you need to build it up with experience. A method to do this is to approach a beautiful woman and say “excuse me, I think your heal is about to fall off” (or along those lines) and then just walk away, this is not meant to get your in engaging conversation, it is supposed to help improve your confidence.

Ultimately you do not want to “feel confident” you want to be confident, you want it to come naturally for you, so the words confidence doesn’t even crop up in your mind.


Experimenting is vital, you can know everything there is to know about seduction but it is useless if you do not use it and find which is the most effective for you. By experimenting you are also building up experience that can only improve your confidence.

Starting a conversation:

This is very handy if nothing has come to mind after the 3-second rule and it also helps to keep a rapport going. For continuous conversation you need to ask open-ended questions (usually start with the word what), make sure you have a few in your head to stop any stalling. Providing your questions were interesting you will be in conversation. Try not to ask boring questions that she can have with any body.

Echo her conversation:

Women like to be understood, for you to do this you need to listen to what she has to say, rephrase it, and then tell it back to her. By repeating what she is saying, she feels a connection is being made and doing such things as agreeing with her statements (even if they are wrong) will only build a stronger connection. The secret is to take something she has said, rephrase it, and make it seem like an original thought or opinion.

Things not to say in conversation:

What you say in the conversation is crucial you need to keep stimulating her mind until she cannot resist you any longer. Here are a few don’ts in conversation that will spoil the mood and ruin your chances:

Ø Don’t talk about your personal problems.

Ø Don’t get too drunk; try to limit your drinking to only a few, a drunken mess will not be impressive to women.

Ø Try to keep the conversation as positive as possible.

Ø Don’t bitch about previous girlfriends, resist any conversation at all on ex’s.

Ø Don’t’ focus on any of your bad points, if you have a health problem she will not want to hear.

Ø Acting desperate is a real turn off.