5 Tips For Attracting Older Women

Attracting older women goes beyond the fact that you are young.

So if you simply thought that youth gives you the upper hand in this situation, well then you are in for a rude awakening. You have to put your best foot forward! Older women do not have the time or patience to invest time and energy into a younger man that isn’t top notch. By “top notch” I do not mean someone that has the perfect face and the perfect body. It stems much deeper than that, although those things might help.

If your goal is attracting older women, then here are some basic tips to help you accomplish your goal.

1.) Be in good shape. Older women love men that are athletic and by keeping fit you will show her that you value your health and body versus other guys your age that just plop on the couch with a pizza and play video games all night.

2.) Dress to kill. Make sure you are wearing something modern, fashionable and sophisticated. T-shirts that read “The Ladies Like To Dance On My Pole” etc are complete turns offs to most women but will definitely turn off an older woman.

3.) Be mature and prepare to have full intelligent conversations. Read the newspaper and watch the news so you can talk about current events should she engage you in conversation. Really think intelligently when you have a conversation with her.

4.) Compliment her. This is especially important if you are very attractive because she may be feeling insecure why someone so attractive is interested in her. Complimenting her will assure her that you desire her.

5.) Be prepared to pay for expensive dates. She isn’t going to appreciate dinner at the local pizza joint. Take her to out to nice restaurants and other activities.